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NFC tags for business owners.

In this article, we will help you how to use your NFC tag with the most effective way if you're a business owner.
Are you a restaurant, boutique owner or do you have an art gallery or maybe a hair salon?
You can place NFC tags literally everywhere to engage with your customers.
Working in the office environment? 
Place it on the table, wall, laptop, phone, basically anywhere you want and share precious information about your business, menu list, especially a great idea in this COVID-19 times, payment options or any links may help you increase in sales.
Help your customers learn more about what you do.


Alias App is available for iOS
Download Alias app below and just share your link into your Tag and you're ready to go.
alias share social profile
Look at how many social profiles you can connect only with one tap. One tap... that's mind-blowing🤯
alias share social profile
 alias share social profile
Track how many visitors you have been engaged with.

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